“Noxin” by J. Fred Woell

“Noxin” by J. Fred Woell


a FEATURE documentary by Richard Kane with Robert Shetterly about the history and significance of this metalsmith, jeweler and political artist.


J. Fred Woell: An American Vision (2017, 51 min) captures the essence of a political artist who believed deeply in the power of the creative spirit.  In 1965 J. Fred Woell took his cast silver jewelry to New York City galleries and was turned down flat.  "Use gold or forget it," they said.  As a confirmed contrarian, Woell vowed to make jewelry from materials of no value -- and the term "anti-jewelry" was born.  Nearly 50 years later he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

This film  educates and engages audiences through interviews with historic and contemporary curators, artists and writers on topics that are timely and powerful. Experience J. Fred Woell’s politics through his art: protect the environment, fight against fascism and respect for all people.

“Fantastic! ...
a really important film!”
— Barbara Gifford, Curator, Museum of Arts and Design
J. Fred Woell: An American Vision captures the essence of a man who believed deeply in the power of the creative spirit. As an artist he was an innovator and a rule-breaker. As a teacher he encouraged his students to make their own discoveries.... In this inspiring film we are fortunate to witness a part of that journey.
— Stuart Kestenbaum, Former Director, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts