An ongoing film series featuring some of Maine’s most distinguished artists

The MAINE MASTERS PROJECT is an award-winning video series sponsored by the Union of Maine Visual Artists, a not-for-profit educational organization established in 1975. The Maine Masters Project was launched in 1999 and has produced a series of compelling profiles of some of Maine’s and America’s most distinguished and often less recognized artists who articulate the importance of art-making. There are currently eighteen completed films with the 19th, ROBERT SHETTERLY: An American Who Tells the Truth, on the front burner. Several others are in various stages of production.

The purpose of the series is to support a vital contemporary artistic community and to inspire all people to create art and to recognize the value of art. Through our outreach program, screening series, broadcasts, festivals, and presentations in community libraries, museums, colleges, and art centers – we are successfully reaching adults. Through our curriculum guide series, now available on painter Stephen Pace, we are beginning to reach a younger audience of high school and college students. We are now in collaboration with Harvard’s Graduate School of Education to create a Resource Guide companion to a shortened, 15-minute version of our film I Know a Man … Ashley Bryan. that will reach younger students in schools. Our Vimeo portal is now offering several of these films closed captioned and streaming on demand at this link:


Project Goals:

• To build an archive of video profiles of Maine artists in their studios discussing and showcasing their work, thoughts, creative process, sense of community, and reasons for living and working in Maine. The project was born out of a sense of responsibility to Maine’s cultural community.

• To document fine artists who live and work in Maine, many of whom in relative obscurity. In so doing we are helping to encourage and support Maine artists; 

• To inspire young people
 to consider the wonders of creating art and to understand better the life of an artist;

• To raise public and student awareness
 about these artists’ work and to strengthen the connection between artists and their Maine communities; 

• To convey the integrity and seriousness
 as well as the imagination and fun of the artistic endeavor; 

• To place into context the artist's role
 in the intellectual and cultural fabric of the larger community; 

• To help non-artists better understand
 the artistic impulse and the work; and 

• To create an educational and cultural resource
 that public schools, universities, libraries, and museums can employ to study contemporary artistic expression.

Sponsored by the Union of Maine Visual Artists, an educational organization promoting Maine art.