Our DVD is available in three editions. You can also stream the film (rent or buy) for home use via Video on Demand (VOD).

For permission to charge admission for screening events or to request a speaker, please contact: kanelewisproductions@gmail.com or 207-359-2320.  

Please select type of institution:

This edition includes licensing for loaning, classroom use and on-site free public screenings by the purchasing organization. This edition includes:

  • The full-length 73-minute film

  • A 32-min. abridged version of the film (ideal for the classroom);

  • A 57-min. abridged version of the film (ideal for events with limited time)

Please self select the edition that matches the size of your group:

  • Small organizations such as single public schools, small-sized congregations, small art schools or galleries, non-profits, small public libraries: $59 plus shipping.

  • Large organizations such as school districts, Universities and Colleges, museums, denominations/national religious organizations and private schools.


You choose: Rent ($2.99) or buy ($13.99) the 57 minutes of the film right now! Bonus feature includes Ashley reading "Beautiful Blackbird".


$25 plus shipping. This DVD edition includes licensing for home use only screenings with friends and family.  

  • The full-length 73-minute film

  • A 32-minute film

SHIPPING NOTICE: DVD’s will be shipped within 10 days of order. If you have a time sensitive need and wish to receive the DVD faster, please make your need known in the “comments” section of Paypal during the ordering process. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact kanelewisproductions@gmail.com